KondaGattu Temple in karimnagar

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About KondaGattu Temple in karimnagar

Kondagattu anjaneya Swamy temple is one of the most famous temple in the Telangana and also in the South India.Most of the pilgrimes come from the corners of the Telangana and also from theIndia. As,this is a famous temple presiding the Lord “Hanuman”. The history of the temple reveals the 300 years ago.The temple in the Kondagattu is surrounded by the Caves,Rayuni Fort and also the kondagattoBojja Pothana on its North.The history explains us that-a cowherd with the name Singam sanjeevudu have lost one of his buffaloes and came in search of the buffalo to the hillock.The cowherd didn’t find his buffalo despite of his rapid search.As he were with the search, he was tired and went in to a deep sleep.When he was in the deep sleep the Lord Anjaneya Swamy appeared in his dream and told him the place where to look for his lost buffalo.

Sanjeeva waked up from his sleep and looked round the hammock.To his feeling,Sanjeeva found a beamy idol of the Kondagattu Anjanna.Ther Sanjeeva engineered alittle temple that is currently referred to as because the KONDAGATTU ANJANEYA SWAMY TEMPLE. The temple has gone several changes from the one hundred sixty years past underneath the steering of avatar Rao Deshmukh. There area unit forty five Dharmashalas that give all the facilities to the Devottes.

There area unit sub-shrines area unit on the market within the temple Konda Gattu Anjaneya Swamy Temple for the Lord Venkateswara,Goddess Alwaarula and divinity Sri Laxmi.